Take advantage of our BetXtra to multiply your winnings!

With our BetXtra, boost the odds for your bets and multiply your CASH winnings. How? It’s very simple! Just follow the set conditions when placing your bet to unlock the respective BetXtra and take advantage of the offer. The BetXtra are all yours!

Terms and conditions
  • BetXtra can only be used with real money.
  • They are paid out in real money only.
  • Cash-out is not available on bets placed with a BetXtra.
  • BetXtra are only available for a single or combined bet. System tickets are not eligible for a BetXtra.
  • Only one BetXtra can be used per bet.
  • All players will receive 5 BetXtras every week which they can use on the site at their own discretion.
  • The 5 different powered BetXtras will be the same for all players.
  • The 5 BetXtras for a week W will be available and valid for all players from the first to the last day of week W.
  • A BetXtra given on week W and not used during week W will be permanently lost.
  • A bet using BetXtra must comply with the conditions for obtaining BetXtra at its closing. Otherwise, the bet will not qualify for the BetXtra.
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